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asymmetrical prostate

is it normal for a 40-year old man to have an asymmetrical prostate?
i had a renal ultrasound done on 11/16/2010
i have CKD stage 2
i have high blood pressure (since 1990)
take meds for BP
i also have ITP (mild low platelets)
mild leukopenia (mild low white blood cells)
at this time no meds for these blood issues
the ultrasound showed kidney damage/deterioration
bladder was normal
but it is mentioned that my prostate is asymmetrical but no nodules.
that is all that is metioned
my doctor checked my prostate and stool on 10/15/2010 and said no blood in stool and prostate felt smooth and normal
i am not having any urine symptoms
urine is ok
ejaculation is ok
no ED
i do have back discomfort around the kidneys after i eat but it is slight and goes away quickly
should i be concerned at this point?
is having CKD stage 2 and ITP and mild leukopenia affect the prostate in some form?
there is prostate cancer in my family as of now.
my mom had breast cancer and died from it.
my dad had kidney issues and high blood pressure and died of a brain hemorrage
there is a case of liver cancer on my dads side of the family and that relative is in remission right now
can you please advised?
i thank you in advance!
Jose Torres
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