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bladder problem after radical prostatectomy

Hello. My dad  had  laparoscopic radical prostate surgery 12 months ago.  The catheter was removed 2 weeks after the operation.  Although he have been doing kegel exercises every day he have had no improvement or very little in his incontinence.  What concerns me is he has no bladder sensation at all, no sign of fullness, sense of urgency, etc.  When he was in bed he has no leak at all through the whole night but when he rise from bed or a chair, he feel urine flood into his penis and he can urinate large amount (more than 1000ml).  Also there is constant leakage requiring numerous daily changes while he is not in bed.  My worry is that the operation damaged his bladder nerves and may be looking at permanent incontinence.  Has anyone experienced a similar incontinence or bladder issue and did it improve over time?  Thanks.
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