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bone biopsy on left femur

I have been diagnosed with BPH about 3 and a half yrs ago. My last PSA was 1.5 I have trace blood in my urine. In a recent ct scan a bone island or lesion showed up on my left femur. Full body bone scan was normal except for a hot spot on femur which correlated with ct scan. Mri shows low level feed back in that area also. I have some pain in my hips and shoulders. I am going for a bone biopsy next week. My doctor and 2 other bone doctors don't believe this could be prostate cancer mestasis. I am scared to death that it is. Very Worried
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Hello Sir,

Your PSA level of 1.5 is normal, and you have never been diagnosed with prostate cancer. If you have had a prostate biopsy, that would be the gold standard, but if you have a lesion on your femur it could be a primary cause of something else(primary bone tumor) Having prostate metastatic disease to the bone would also cause higher PSA levels, there are a few patients with low PSA who do have prostate cancer, but digital rectal examination would generally provide some type of indication of this. For you, the best option to rule out the prostate as being the primary source would be a biopsy. However at this time, it is unlikely that you have metastatic disease to the bone.

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