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help, is it my Prostate ?


im 31, just been looking for answers about the problems i've been haing for 6 years nearly,
after having intercourse with my girl friend 6 years ago i felt some discomfort on my penis, the next night i tried to
masterbate, when i did finish masterbating there was only a drop of sperm and my penis was in alot of pain after this, i started having pains in my right testicle on the penis and the abdomenfr months, my testicles were very painful to touch, still are tender i also had seen sperm in my urine, still see this somdays but not as frequently as they were. Below are what im suffering from:

produce less sperm as i used to, less then half the amount
weak erections
tender testicles
weak stream when im urinating
see semen in my urine but not as frequently
still slight pains in the lower abdomen and pelvic area

Over the years it had gotten alittle better up and down, it's again at its worse after haing sex, i'm almost having the same problems that i have been facing for many years.

i was refered to a urologist who checked my kidneys, did a cystoscopy and said it was all fine,

can anyone shed some light on this, am i haing a problem with my Prostate? is it getting blocked maybe?if so what ca i do to get it checked?what would be beneficial for me to do, maybe the diet? i dont drink alcohol used to be a social smoker.im not over weight.
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This is most likely an infection or irritation of the region and less likely something bigger like cancer. Your symptoms sound like prostatitis, or possibly epididymitis. The later being more likely if you have a history of or reason to believe you may have an STD. This pain you are having may be from an infection in your prostate or .... Sometimes if you either have not had sex in a while or if you are having much more sex then usual you can get these type of pains from either dissuse or oversuse. I would say drink some cranberry juice, maybe see a physician (urgent care center or your primary general physician you regualrly see) and have then check your urine for bacteria, if this is the case then some antibiotics can help you. Otherwise avoid ejaculation for I'm guessing at least a few days to a week and often symptoms will go away. This note is from a very young physician (non-urologist) who has the same symptoms and a history of chronic prostatitis which you could have as well but less likely. Best Regards.
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thanks for the reply, i think yoiu're right in keeping away from masterbating for a
while, the reason i agree is, when i first had the problem, i remember few weeks maybe months after the pains burning and uncomfortable feelings in the prostrate/penis/testicles, i went abroad on a holiday where i was away from masterbation for 2 weeks, i think my symptoms cleared up even though testicles remaimed tender and the later symptoms.

so yes i will give it a week or so, see how it goes, also got a drs appointment, see if i can be refered to a urologist (takes months in the uk, nhs)

i believe since it happened straight after unprotected sex, id say a day or 2 after  sex getting the full blown symptoms, it would have been accute, but since ive had the symptoms til this day it is chronic now, the recent unprotected sex could have simply irritated it.

thank you soo much for the advice, its not good that others are having pains or simular symptoms as you wouldn't want anyone to go through it, but its good to feel you're not alone too.

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