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how fast does prostate cancer grow from curable state to incurable ?

A PSA of 16 in July 2017 was never followed. Another PSA of 14 in Nov 2019 from the VA was unknowingly never followed. Back pain occurred in Sept 2020 and diagnosed in Oct 2020 with prostatic metastatic cancer after biopsy was taken from arm bone and the PSA was 47 in the hospital. not having a gleason score or previous biopsy can it be determined when prostate cancer went from curable state to incurable state. I do have some responsibility by not going back to the physician in 2017 however no follow up occurred from new physician in 2018-2020 that clearly had my medical records and lab from 2017.  I would like to know if my cancer was aggressive or could have been caught before the bone mets.
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As auntiejessi said, your Dr’s would be the vest ppl to answer this Q. However, as a prostate cancer patient myself, I’m not sure anyone could tell you that for sure. I had surgery at a time when my OSA was 9.8, they told me it was a very aggressive type & despite the best my surgeon coujd do, my OSA never became undetectable afterward - a sign tge it had already spread to other areas. Mine is not curable, I hope to have 4-5 good years left, but this disease is orbly inevif the most confounding medically - you can have two guys, same age w/ same PSA level, same Gleason score, have the identical procedure, one is fine & never requires follow-up treatment, and the other is battling metastases & has his life cut short. But good luck to you - you may end up doing better than expected...
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Oh excellent point, Bonzo. I should have added that my dad was given a 15% 5 year survival rate at the time of diagnosis, and he lived 12 years. Anything is possible, and you can get all the hard data from the docs, and it still won't tell your story.
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I'm sorry you're going through this.

Your doctors should be able to tell you if you have an aggressive form of prostate cancer. When my dad had it, they were able to tell him that the form he had was aggressive. Whether your doctors have told you or not, they have typed your cancer. It's how they determine the course of treatment.

For some reference, he had a very aggressive form, and with treatment, he went maybe 5 or 6 years before it spread to the bone. He lived for 12 years after diagnosis (he also had Parkinson's, which complicated a lot, so it may not be the best frame of reference).

I wish you the best.

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