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my PSA score keeps rising

I am 62. At 45 I started getting annual PSA tests. each year they increase by a tenth or two.  The first test was 3.0 and last year it was 4.7 and this year my test just came in at 5.0.  My family Dr. merely said I may want to consider seeing a Urologists to have more tests.
A friend said one test he they did to him when his PSA score doubled was a camera scope tube up the pinus which he described as extreamly painful.  I'm not excited about going in for the tests,  Do you think I should go see the urologist ???
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Thank you for your question.  An elevated PSA test could be indicative of several things. The most concerning is prostate cancer. Other non-cancerous causes would be an enlarged prostate (BPH), infection (prostatitis), recent ejaculation, recent digital rectal exam or prostate biopsy.

Two consecutive PSA test above 4.0 would warrant further investigation.

Consultation with a urologist is recommended.


Ash K. Tewari, MD


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