After researching pc for the past three years,I believe there are just way to many gray areas in the medical world regarding this problem.I believe you should leave it alone,change your diet,and take your chances.Surgery,radiation,etc actually can make things worse.There seems to be no benefit to all these procedures,and it does not really extend your life span.It is a big money maker.Let me hear some opinions.
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I had my prostate out in 2002 and psa slowly by .01 every 6mo. creeped to a .25 now. I've seen several rradiation oncologist and have talked to them about the proton treatment. My latest was last week, and he said it wouldn't make a difference to do that or conventional radiation. I will have psa checked again in 2 mo. and if it goes up he suggest doing radiation. Have been putting it off for quite some time, but my level is at the point where something should be done. Was left confused when told the proton wouldn't be any different. There is an article in Mens Health this month about the proton treatment, I'm going to check it out.
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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005.  I was 63 at the time.  My original Urologist wanted to give me Lupron shots every 3-4 months, said he could almost guarantee me 10 more years.  I didnt like the answer... I later found out  that is the way he treats all of his prostate cancer patients... gets $1500.00 to $1,800.00 per shot.  I did a lot of checking around and finally discovered Proton Radiation at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda California.  I learned that Proton Radiation is different from other radiation treatments in that about85-90% of the treatment energy is delivered exactly to the exact spot of the tumor being treated.The surrounding tissues and organs are not damanged as they are with conventional radiation, therefore Proton treatments have little to no side effects.  I had Proton Radiation at LLUMC and I had and have -0- side effects as a result of the cancer or the proton treatments. I never even felt bad or sick one single day.  My PSA is now .03 and every thing about me works just like it did before I had Cancer and Proton treatments.  I also found out that many doctors will not recommend it.  In my opinion, the reason is that they are not trained to do it  plus they do not have the equipment needed to do it... so they recommend the treatments that they are trained  in and that they have available equipment for.. Its mostly a money thing.. if they send you else where they dont make money for the mercedes payment.Loma Linda pioneered Proton treatments in this country about 20 years ago. It is a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital and University.  I  am not an Adventist or a particulary religious person, but I think they were ignored and frowned on by the Medical community for many years because of the Seventh Day Adventist thing.  Anyway their success became so noticeable that it could no longer be ignored and proton centers began being built around the country ... there are now 5-6 and several under construction and planned.  M. D. Anderson now offeres Proton Radiation treatments for prostate cancer.. they trained their people at Loma Linda while I was there.. Just recently Mayo Clinic announced they were building two new Proton centers beginning this year... The funny thing I noticed when I was being treated was that most doctors wouldnt recommend it for their patients.. but man you would not believe the number of doctors and other people in the medical field with prostate cancer out at loma linda receiving treatments when I was there.. funny huh ..not good for their patients but they sure as heck wanted it.Id say there were more surgeons than any kind of doctors there receiving Proton treatments when I was there.  It was almost disgusting... they would sure as heck do radical and robotic surgery on their patients, but they wanted Proton treatments themselves...

In summary Proton Radiation has a 90% cure rate and little to no side effects.. In my opinion it is the closest thing there is to a complete cure for prostate cancer. I dont know why anyone who knows about Proton Radiation would want to consider any of the other treatments when there is such a good alternative available.... 90% cure rate and no side effects... I was at loma linda about 10 weeks and it was more like a vacation that being treated for cancer....Its like I am cured and was never sick... I will also add that while at Loma Linda the people there never once tried to talk me into their religion... They were the nicest, most careing and concerned group of people I have ever encountered.  Their objective was to cure my cancer... It seems they did.. If i had it to do over again, I would change nothing.. ... and thats my story.. if you would like to know any more about Proton send me a message and I will tell you were to get it... hope this is helpful Claytex
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