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severe testicle pain after difficult bowel movement

I was constipated having a hard bowel movement immediately following I experienced the worst testicle pain of my life.  I am 53 years old married and recently diagnosed thru a cat scan with several tiny stones in the prostate.  I have a urilogical appointment for Dec.  This will be my first appt with an specialist. Should I be seen sooner or what could this be?
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Thank you for your question. Severe testicular pain should be treated as a medical emergency. The main concern being testicular torsion. Ultrasound and physical exam are warranted. Various conditions can lead to. Some of the conditions are directly related to testis and other conditions are not directly related to testis.

Often times testicular pain is benign, however followup with a urologist is essential to rule out more serious conditions (torsion) which could result in irreversible damage to the testicle.


Ash K. Tewari, MD

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