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Incomplete emptying? 23 years old.

sometimes when I urinate, To get out that last quirt, I have to reach under my penis and put pressure on the urethra at the base of my scrotum. Otherwise, when I put things away it could leak from a couple of drops to a couple of CC's of urine.

I am 23 years old.


For the past 12 months or so I have had an occasional reoccuring dull flank pain in my lower right side. It feels like it's 'below the muscle'. It's very mild and only a slight nuissance. I have not have any other symptoms associated with it (fever, nausea, etc.).

Also, it's almost a mild throb or very slow pulsing when it occurs.

I don't know if this could be related, but whenever I drink alcohol I urinate A LOT. more than the average person, every 5-10 minutes once I've had 3-4 beers and it's almost as if I'm urinating more than I'm consuming. the urine is clear and as if my body is filtering as fast as I'm consuming. When I drink, I probably have 2-3 beers every 2 hours for a span of 2-4 hours. I have 6-8 beers once every 1 or two weeks, usually in a 2-4 hour session.

Could this be serious? I want to get it checked out, but I was going to wait for the next year. The pain has not got any worse or frequent. I also hear of a lot of flank pain cases being dismissed.

Any opinions?
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Try Waterfall D-Mannose - it's that strange sugar that binds to bacteria. Said to work against bacterial prostatis and cystitis probs. And mannose is a natural anti-inflammatory too. And you have to ejaculate regularly to get rid of infected fluids. You might want some help with that. Sorry - not volunteering :) Mandy
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