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i dont know whats wrong

hi i am an 18yr male.about about 19days ago i got diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.during that first examination,there was no blood or discharge,just the constant urge to pee but not that much,i got a rectal examination.urine culture came back negative,they put me on sulfa 2X a day and tamusolin1x a day for 14days,the syptoms ceased but i felt it wasnt working.so after i finished the two weeks i went back cause it was the same deal.the doctor gaveme a 2nd rectal examination and a prostate massag(forgot to mention i already got one)and he askedme to void after the massage.that culture cameback negative.he said my prostate was boggy and too come back in a few days.soo 3 days later i go back and theoffice is booked so i figure i might as well go monday.well that night i started to get a pain in my scrotum area particularly between the anus and the scrotum,testicles feel tender too.soo i got rushed to the hospital cause i was litterly going to pee myself crazy,soo for the 3rd time i got a rectal examination(this is getting overwhelming now) and the doctor gave me 2 sulfas and a tamusolin to go home with and a prescription for the same meds as before saying that they probably didnt finish working yet.its really bothering me...i cant live like this,its driving me insane,like i got asked all the usual questions and i guess they dont know what to do or something.why are they giving me antibiotics if there is no infection.
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that particular antibiotic is generally prescribed for prostatitis.  it's also the cheapest.  there are others that are given in once a day dosing called levaquin.  did your doctor do a PSA blood test? this is a test to determine if the prostate is overactive and will help rule out other problems.  this test was helpful for me because it help my doctor diagnose my prostate cancer before it spreaded.  not intended to alarm you!  get the test done and inquire about a course of levaquin
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I have a very good friend who has an enlarged prostate and he takes a medication called "Flomax". This seems to help him a lot. Maybe mention it to your doctor as a possibility for you----- or change doctors! It's your life we are talking about here and the quality of your life. There is no reason for needless suffering in my opinion.
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I was a Flomax user and when I went to Iceland I tried a new product called Sagapro
I now use sagapro and have given up on the Flomax which did not work well on me.
Go to the web site www.sagamedicausa.com   i was amazed at how it helped my swollen prostate, and it was all natural made from angelica.
My friends in Iceland tell me sagapro is now outselling Flomax and you dont need a doctors note.
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I have heard about the Iceland product and told it works....I may try it next month.
Is Sagapro available in the USA?
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Whatever you do, just be careful of the levaquin...the side effects can be very dangerous.  From what ive heard, the fda has some sort of black label warning on this drug, the most severe warning a drug can have...next is to pull it off the shelf. I was on Levaquin for 5 days and have experienced much of the same side effects of others.  
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hey man, im only 24 and have gone through the same ****. they cant find anything right? so dont take there ****** drugs. i am on my way to curing this myself. research candida infection. im telling you it'll be your saving grace, and for some reason doctors always say that's a women thing, cause its basicallly a "yeast infection". just look at different sites for different symptoms, and dont be sceptical. if antibiotics dont work you gotta try an anti-candida diet. im tellin you. you'll read this and eventually try when nothing else works. its a really hard diet to follow, but you can do it. tell me, after ejaculation(maybe in the past) has it kinda hurt to pee with a clear non-stinky discharge, not like an std, but a little different, i bet you have had this and thought it was normal or nothing to wory about because it goes away real quick, and may have only occured a few times. well for all of you who have non bacterial prostatitis and cant stand it i beg you to look into the candida thing. i have only gone a month on this "mccombs plan" thing, but it is just starting to pay off. i feel obligated to tell everyone on every forum because they have helped me take the chance to try this diet, and im convinced i have found a cure.
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I am going to the doctor tomorrow for non bacterial prostitis after being in the ER. I am on flomax and an antibiotic. I will tell them about this. I have these systems! Thank you for the heads up....

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