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whats wrong

I am a male 40 in pretty good shape. Since i was about 20 I have had a problem with my prostate. The symptoms include, prostate pain, pain in the groin on left side, pain in left testicle, pain in the area the doctor checks for hernia on left side, (pain on left side of base of penis, especially after ejaculation). I have been on antibiotics flomax avodart and doxazosin. Is there any hope for me the pain seems to get a little worse all the while. Urologist says I have chronic prostatitius and treats me for that.  I am an active man love sports, hunting, fishing, ice fishing. I also played a lot of sports as a youngster and teenager into my 20's. Could another complication cause prostatitus, I have never been actually posetivily tested for std's although a doctor told me that probably was what it was when i was 20 but the test came back negative... Could this be someting else..
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