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Thank you for starting this group!  I am a co-community leader in the arthritis forum and have not seen this group link posted there.  This would increase your groups exposure.  Looking forward to getting to know you better.
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thanks for starting up this group i have suffered from psoriatic arth for 18 years bad skin deformed fingers and toes hope more people come and join and we can discuss all our woes together thanks
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Hi everyone.  I'm new to MedHelp and was pleased to find this group, as Psoriatic Arthritis is so often skipped over in favour of RA.

I've had joint pain for years but was only diagnosed a couple of years ago with PsA.  I don't have a lot of skin problems, but do have widespread joint pain, particularly in my fingers and spine.  I find that heat really helps both - one of my best ever purchases was a paraffin wax bath for my hands, so if you suffer with the sausage fingers and pain, then I would really recommend one.

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i just recently heard about the Psoriatic Arthritis, I always had joint pains and psoriasis but the doctor never made a link is there a way to know if its related?
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