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I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis but  before treatment to get i woud like to know from you all, of course who wants to help that the diagnose was given right.
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Hi Elmira,

I had psoriasis all over my body and scalp.  I saw my derm at least 12 times, had 2 biopsies, tried all kinds of prescription creams, etc.  Then my husband suggested tanning.  I thought, what the heck, I've tried everything else.  As soon as I started tanning, my lesion went away (with the exception of my scalp).  It's wonderful to have clear skin once again, however, I am left with a pins and needles feeling in my skin that neither my derm or gp can account for.  My derm said it was most likely my nerves.  So I went to see my GP and he said he was going to send me to a shrink.  I left his office feeling upset and angry.  I think maybe the next step for me is to see a neurologist.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've had great results with tanning.  You'll want to use a tanning bed with uva rays.  Good luck.
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Hi I'm new to this site as well! I have some psoriasis on my elbows and arms that can be itchy. I never have thought about tanning before.... Although it does help my acne when I do. I also have heard about using all natural soap to wash with instead of ones with chemicals because it is harsh and can irritate your skin, there is a brand I have been using lately that seems to help a lot called Grandma's lye soap. I went on their site and found out that they also have a shampoo. I've used it and I am seeing far less flakes in the past couple weeks, which makes me extremely happy! Maybe try it and see if it works. Worth a shot!
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