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4months and cant sleep after quitting zyprexa!!!


i have been on en of zyprexa for over 3 years now. have been some month without between those years,
but mostly on it.
Now i have been free from zyprexa for 4 months now. I have no psychotic symptoms. BUT i cant sleep!!! I had to start on seroquel because i couldt not sleep at all.I have jused seroquel in small periods for sleep a occasnally. if i was very lucky i got 2 hours sleep per night/morning whit out taking any medesine. I did not think it had something to do with zyprexa, because i never got notably sleepy of it. So now i have been on 25mg seroquel for 2 months, and i cant sleep with out!
even if i tok a small dose of seroquel, the 25 mg dose, i still had/have problems to sleep.......
I have never had problems quitting antipsychotics before, but now i have real problems.... Im back at squer one...
And the ******* worst of all, that zyprexa did not work on me!!!  my psychiatrist sad that i hadd to take something even if i have tried a lot of other medications. It had to look good on papir. (In Norway the the healtcare system cant be judged as long they have filld you with a sort of  medicine even if it dont work)

What should i do? go cold turkey, or should i taper the 25mg seroquel dose to half?..... and then quit after 2 months after beeing on  12.5mg? My psychiatrist have only sead to me that i have to quit slowly.... bu hello! how slowly.... will this madness ever end?:(
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