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COPD Too much oxygen

My mom has COPD and has had it a couple of years now. She wasn't on oxygen until about two weeks ago.  She had been taking Spireva, but two weeks ago was when she noticed her oxygen dropped immediately upon standing.  She went to see her pulmonologist and that's when he put her on 2L of oxygen.  

She had to go to the emergency room yesterday because she could not breathe and found out that she was getting too much oxygen.  They dropped her oxygen level to 1.5.  We were watching her oxygen level today and noticed that when she sits down with the oxygen on, her level is at 98 percent.  Is this still too high?  

When she sits down and takes the oxygen off, her level drops to 91 percent, but when she stands up without the oxygen, her level drops immediately to almost 81 percent.  
We don't understand why this is happening.  Any information on this would greatly be appreciated, if possible.

Also, how much oxygen should she be getting?  Is 90 to 94 a good percent with her oxygen on?  The emergency visits (which actually happened two times; first time a week ago and then yesterday) happened early in the morning.  She would wake up and that's when she couldn't breathe.  How do we know if she's getting too much oxygen at night or not enough?  Again any help would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you.
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