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Cause of Hypertension


I am having problems with hypertension and I am looking for possible causes.  I am a 21 year old male.  I have a anxiety disorder and irritable bowel syndrome.  I am a little overweight and have a BMI of 29-30 (this number may not be an accurate BMI because I am somewhat muscular).  I currently take Paxil (10 mg daily), Vistaril (50 mg daily), and Levsin (.0125 mg up to 4x daily).  My blood pressure at home tends to average 130/70 (give or take a little).  So here are the questions I have:

Can any of the medications I am currently taking possibly cause hypertension?

Can my anxiety (which I suffer with almost all day, every day) possibly cause the high blood pressure readings?

I should also mention that my heart frequently races.  I assume it caused from the anxiety but I thought I would mention it.  I unfortunately do not know if my blood pressure was high before I started taking the medications I am on because I never checked it before.  Other than the anxiety and IBS I am otherwise healthy as far as I know.  

Thank you for your time!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You might not have realized it but this is a pulmonary hypertension forum (as opposed to a hypertension forum).  Nonetheless, allow me to briefly answer your questions.

1. You do not meet the definition of hypertension.  Thus, your BP of 130/70 is normal.
2. Yes, anxiety can certainly increase blood pressure.  The medications you are on do not routinely increase blood pressure to my knowledge.
3. I suggest you continue to do whatever you can to alleviate your anxiety because you sound like an otherwise healthy person.  If you simply see an internist on an annual basis, you will be in good hands.

All the best in health and happiness,

Dr. Rich
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