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More testing?

I have posted about this issue before(49 year old female with a 5 year history of shortness of breath on exertion. Echo pressures run 40 to 50. RHC done 4 years ago showed a mean pressure of 18 which I understand is normal. Had a TIA last year and on the MRI, it showed 3 previous strokes with no obvious cause. Family doc started me on Coreg thinking I may be going into heart failure with exercise due to the SOB and cough and it so far it is helping).
  I had an exercise echo done 2 weeks ago as part of the cardiac workup post TIA. He said my pressures went up abnormally high with exercise. He wants to send me to a pulmonologist for a bronchoscopy now. He also does not understand why the Coreg is working for me but said to not stop it. He states the strokes were not caused by my heart and thinks it is my lungs. I have had lung tests in the past which were all negative. Does it seem reasonable to go the route of a bronchoscopy? Any explanation why the Coreg is working?
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