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PAH? again!

Thank you for your reply to my previous question,can I trouble you again.
What would blood pressure readings be like for PAH or RV dysfunction? (would they be high or low as a rule)
Also my sat readings are usually above 97-98% would this rule out PAH or RV dysfunction being mild or even moderate.I have started getting cyanosis in my feet and fingers.My toes and fingers will go ice cold and dark blue and I sometimes get it on my lips but not as often.
These are questions I will be able to ask the specialist when I get to see him,I'm just trying to get an idea of what all these symptoms could mean.
Thank you very much
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Hello again.

Blood pressure in PAH can range from low to normal to high.  It largely depends on the status of the right ventricle.  If and when the right ventricle begins to fail, blood pressure typically will start to drop in a PH patient.

Oxygen saturations are also often normal in idiopathic or primary pulmonary arterial hypertension (though this is not always the case in advanced stages).  However, other causes of pulmonary hypertension (ie lung disease, and others) can cause low oxygen saturations.  Your O2 sats of 97-98% are normal.

Hope this helps...good luck.

Dr. Rich
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