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Post PE PH

Hello Dr,
I am also wondering if you can answer this for me:
I had two small PE's in 2007, one in arterial segment and one in subsegment that I've completely recovered from. I'm wondering what the chances of developing PH are from having these and how long it would take to have symptoms of PH after the PE. It has been 5 years since I had the PE. Would I have shown symptoms by now if there was any PH? Thank you
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Hello again.

The vast majority of people who suffer PEs do NOT develop PH. However, as you suggest, it is possible.  After 5 years, most people would probably have symptoms by now if PH were present.  However, not all PH is created equally and some people can have mild, otherwise insignificant PH.

As I mentioned in the last post, I suggest you see your primary care doc to discuss your concerns but I suspect there is a HIGH likelihood that you do not have PH.

Dr. Rich
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