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Post-Partum preeclampsia and Pulmonary Hypertension

Hi - I am a 30 year old healthy female. Had a child 3.5 years ago with uncomplicated pregnancy and natural labor. Ended up in the hospital 2 days postpartum with pulmonary edema - postpartum preeclampsia was diagnosis. I had no risk factors for Pre-E (was 27, Caucasian, no family History of PreE, healthy weight, low blood pressure) Although The hypertension resolved quickly, 5 months later I got an echocardiogram which showed that I had "mild pulmonary hypertension." This has since resolved on all subsequent echoes - no significant findings from stress tests or cardiac MRI. All autoimmune disorders have been ruled out and I do not have factor 5. But because of this history, I have been advised it may be too risky to have another pregnancy. I have regained my health and am back to normal, running, biking etc and can now control some significant stressors that were in my life during pregnancy. Do you think I shouldn't risk it still?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

There is nothing that you told me that makes me think that you have (or ever had) pulmonary hypertension.  For a physician to tell you no more children on that basis to me is irresposible (I am not commenting on the obstetric issues---ie pre-ecclampsia, etc).

For your own piece of mind, however, (and perhaps for your OB's as well), you may want to see a physician who specializes in pulmonary hypertension.  Hopefully, he/she will arrive at the same conclusion and you can move forward without concerns.


Dr. Rich
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