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Thank you for your first response

Hi Doctor,

Your first response was very helpful and I went to seek a second opinion. The second Cardiologist I saw thought it was odd that the pulmonary pressure wasnt reported on my initial echo test. When I contacted the first Cardiologist and asked wht the pulmonary pressure wasnt reported he said it was because I didn't have tricuspid regurgitation; that tgere was no "jet" to be measured. He wasn't very clear and left me confused. What does it mean to have no tricuapid jet? Does this eliminate my risk for PAH? I continue to have SOB however it's been constant and hasn't gotten worse. These symptoms started April 2011, if this indeed was PAH would my symptoms have worsened and/or would I have experienced other symptoms? I really want to get to the bottom of my symptoms, your expertise is much appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi and welcome back to the forum.

One of the MANY problems with echo in attempting to diagnose PH is that some patients do not have or have insufficient tricuspid regurgitation to determine the PA pressures.

The presence or lackthereof of tricuspid regurgitation does not rule in or rule out PH (though patients with severe PH typically will have some tricuspid regurg).

Bottom line:  If there is any real concern for PH, you should have a right heart catheterization.  This way, you will get the definitive answer without all of this guess work.

Good luck.

Dr. Rich
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