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Tight chest, trouble breathing, then lethargic and sleepy all the time

Hi, sorry in advance if this doesn't fit precisely with pulmonary hypertension, but sometimes it's hard to get through on a forum here and I was still wondering if you might have a piece of advice to add to my symptoms?

Back and the beginning of October, my chest one day became tight and heavy and I felt like I was chronically having trouble breathing deeply, as if my chest wall were offering resistance.   Also, a minor sinus issue such as mild pressure, lots of bloody boogers, etc at the same time.  My Dr. ordered a chest x-ray and labs including a D-dimer which came back negative.   Then, about a month went by and I started feeling very drowsy and lethargic, as if I usually feel OK for several hours after waking up but then a little later on I feel disconnected and can't resist going to sleep.  I have never in my life been one to take naps, I just don't do it.  But I feel very sleepy every day now, and disconnected from my surroundings in a haze as if I'm on some kind of weird drug.  

Do you know what I could have?    For the record, I am 33, male,  and about 3 years ago,  I had a cardiac stress echo and a sleep study done because I have a history of lots of PVC's that have come and gone over the last 5 yrs.  Both of those tests were normal at the time, apparently I did not have apnea bad enough for a mask.
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Hello and welcome to the pulmonary hypertension forum.

First, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell and are experiencing all of these symptoms.  It is frustrating enough to not feel well but even more so when you are also without a diagnosis.

Here is what I can tell you.  Although I of course can not guarantee anything in a forum like this, I can certainly tell you that your symptoms are in no way consistent with pulmonary hypertension.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you what you do have as this is a pulmonary hypertension forum (and again, it is highly unlikely that you have PH).

The most important thing is that you are seeing a physician who you trust.  There are no new diseases in medicine and with the proper investigation, most diagnoses will declare themselves one way or another---sometimes the illness will simply resolve spontaneously, while other times the proper test will identify the right diagnosis.

Hope you begin to feel better soon.


Dr. Rich
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