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What could this be?

August 11 my uterus prolapsed and a week later I began with bilat ankle swelling. I do work a full time and alsomhave an extranpart times hitch both are desk jobs and  had worked 2 weeks straight sitting. I am also just over 50 years old and am 100 lbs overweight.  After further testing while waiting to have a hysterectomy and working a very stressful job my blood pressure went up to 160/100 and began on blood pressure medicine. I never had high blood pressure before and had been swimming every other day for 30 minutes. I had a varicose vein taken care of with venous ablation and still have ankle swelling, non pitting in both ankles. I'm wearing compression knee highs, walking an hour a day, getting up out of my chair every 2 hours. I'm going to get evaluated by a cardiologist. My PCP isn't providing any direction, says I have deep vein issues and to put my feet up. Well, I've been evaluated by a vascular surgeon with Doppler and do not have deep vein problems. What is the likelihood of having pulmonary hypertension? I have taken phentermine for weight loss twice years ago but for a short period of time but not the fen fen combo. I'm a RN so trying not to be too paranoid. My doctors are not providing any direction, other than lose weight which I have lost 10 lbs and working on it. What are your thoughts?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I wonder if the uterine prolapse and the swelling were coincidental or not.  If related, it would likely indeed be a vein issue.  And sometimes tests can not truly exclude venous insufficiency (which is also more common in those who are overweight).

Also, certain BP meds can cause leg swelling (amlodopine or norvasc is a very common culprit).  So, if you are on this medicine, would consider a trial off of it to see if the swelling improves.

Your story does NOT sound like pulmonary hypertension (including the variety caused by diet pills) so this should make you feel better.  The combination of your being overweight, having high blood pressure, possible venous insufficiency, and maybe even on a BP med that can cause edema are all likely playing a role.  Keep up the swimming/exercising--this is great.

Good luck.

Dr. Rich
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