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pulmonary hypertension question

Im 24 years old and am overweight but I've been losing and plan to lose much more. I was getting out of breath quickly, and i figured it was from my weight or maybe something else. I went to the cardiologist and he wanted me to do a stress echo. The technician told me while she was measuring the pulmonary pressure that it was 27mmHG. After I got off the treadmill during excercise, the pressure dropped to 17mmHG. Isn't the pressure supposed to rise during excercise? It sounds like mine is backwards lol.. I would rather it be 17mmHG at rest because 27 mmHG seems high and I don't want that strain on my heart at rest since obviously I'm at rest much more than excercising. Does this mean I have pulmonary hypertension?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Good news...you do not have pulmonary hypertension!!  

Having said that, echo is completely unreliable to definitively diagnose PH.  For what it is worth, however, both 27 and 17 mmHg are as normal as they can get...makes no difference if measured at rest or with exercise, etc.

Regarding your shortness of breath, this should be evaluated by a physician who you trust.  Being overweight and anxiety are common causes of shortness of breath but more serious conditions can cause this too...thus, the need for an evaluation.

But, please feel relieved that on the basis of the information you have provided me, the chances that you have PH is as close to zero as possible.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Dr. Rich

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