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right ventricular systolic pressure 37 mmHg

My son had spinal surgery 3 weeks ago.  
He had slight chest pain during the Pre-op exam (probably induced by anxiety)
His EKG was somehow abnormal so they sent him for an Echo.
It stated right ventricular systolic pressure 37 mmHg also mild tricuspid regurgitation.
Everything else was within normal range including no enlargement or dilation of anything.
Cardiologist said to repeat in 6 weeks and odds are 95% it'll be normal.
PCP said he's not worried at all.
My son is 23, very active, no symptoms, not overweight, non smoker.
I'm concerned.  It also stated mild pulmonary hypertension but is that a diagnosis or a mere observation?
Thank you
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I completely understand why you would be concerned but I hope that I too will alleviate your worries.

While I can never say anything definitely about your son's condition (or lack thereof), based on the information you have provided me, I am not concerned in the least about the possibility of clinically relevant pulmonary hypertension.  Echo is notoriously unreliable.  The chambers (including the right ventricle) were normal.  He has no symptoms and is active.  The chance that he has a problem related to pulmonary hypertension is about as close to 0 as possible.

Having said all of that, I do think a follow up visit is smart mostly to provide you with even further peace of mind.  And, you mentioned that the docs felt the EKG was "slightly abnormal".  Not sure what this means (and again this is often nothing to worry about), but this way he will get a follow up, close re-assessment to make sure nothing is being missed (even other than pulmonary hypertension).

Hope this helps!


Dr. Rich
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One more: Mild mitral valve prolapse
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Thanks for that info.
His EKG actually showed small hypertrophy on the right side.  I can't remember more specifically.
But his surgery was of the spinal cord which has affected his nervous system, temporarily.  All that should subside.  
I'm hoping this is what caused a slight increase in his ventricular pressure.
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Dr. Rich,
I hope you see this attached to my original post.
My Son had his 6 week follow up Echo, its not changed.
In fact his pressure is 38, up from 37.
The PCP, not the cardiologist called and said to monitor, reevaluate 1-2 years.
My brother was diagnosed with PPH in 1993 at 28 years old.   Symptoms shortness of breath and RHC confirmed PPH with an enlarged heart.
My son doesn't have those symptoms.
My brother was give 3-5 years prognosis.  He'll be 50 in January.  He's on an IV pump, can't remember the drug name.
However, he said he doesn't have the gene.  He experimented with cocaine when he was young and dumb which is suspect.
Even with the gene, wouldn't I need to have it as well in order to pass it to my child?
So is a 1-2 year follow up a bit lax?
Are they not concerned or does it need to progress in order for them to treat him?
My boy is 23 and has been thru enough.  He's convinced he has PH and doesn't wanna deal with it at this point,  Again, he's 23.
I'm very worried.  Help, please.
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