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severe c.o.p.d.

i just been diagnosis with severe c.o.p.d.had a c.t. scane done all was clear nothing my question and my dr. is why iam i having shortness of breath having hard time sleeping on all kinds of breathing meds having an ecko gram this week any suggestions would be of some help ty
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Your question is a bit difficult for me to discern but I will do my best.  You state that you have been diagnosed with severe COPD and are wondering why you are having trouble breathing?  Well, unfortunately, patients with severe copd have difficulty breathing.  In addition to "breathing meds", your doctor may also choose to give you some steroids (ie prednisone).

It is also possible that a 2nd condition is contributing to your shortness of breath which is why I suppose your doctor is ordering an echo.  This is a pulmonary hypertension forum and, although some patients with COPD can also develop significant pulmonary hypertension, this is actually quite uncommon.

I am sorry that you are struggling with breathing but hopefully you are in good hands with your doctor(s) and will find a medical regimen that works well for you.


Dr. Rich
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