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Hi Sir,
Based from my chest x-ray there is a subtle noducalcific densities that are seen at my left upper lung field. And from my apico-lordotic view it shows and confirms an ovoid opacity at the left apex and considers it as TUBERCULOMA. I’m now undergoing a medication and the doctor gave me same medicine to treat tuberculosis within 6 months but he said that I can be cure but then the tuberculoma egg size would still be there at my lungs, it won’t just be active and its growth would just stop. My question is can I really be cure with what he said I know its growth would stop  but still the tuberculoma is there and it’s just not active?  Can I die because of that?  What will I do so that it would never be active again? Can you please give me some suggestion or any other option after my medication to really remove the tuberculoma and not just to stop its growth and no longer be active?  Thanks.
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Hello.  Please note that I answered this question with your other identical post.
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