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Recurrent Fevers

I am 27 y/o female and have been having recurrent low grade fevers (99-100) since may, 2015- present. My past medical history has been back pain and sciatica in 2014, kidney stone in feb, 2014 and mononucleosis in april 2014. The back pain started after my kidney stone surgery. The mononucleosis was diagnosed in april, 2014 and I felt better by july, 2014 (I had fever and fatiugue then). Since then I did not had any fevers up until may, 2015.

I travelled to india for 1 month in march, 2015- I started getting low grade fevers in may 2015. My primary care doctor here in US did series of blood test on me-

hyroid test
Vitamin D
Chest Xray
blood cultures, etc.

All my tests came out Normal. The doctor placed me on ciprofloxcin for 10 days in june- I had a severe reaction to cipro with dizziness and blurry vision- so I stopped it on 8th day. After the antibiotic I had dizziness and blurry vision for almost a month- But the fevers got better. About a month later my low grade fevers came back. When I get fever I get dizzines, blurry vision and extrement fatigue- I get floaters in front of my eyes and have difficulty reading and concentrating.

Usally I get fevers in the evenings once in a while i'll during the day. I work 5 days a week as a Professor.

3 weeks ago I took another course of antibiotic- doxycycline and while i took the antibiotic my fevers got better. But the day I stopped the antibiotic the fevers came back. Currently the fevers are continuing without me knowing whats causing them? I have been drink lot of fluids all day. Just recently started daily MultiVitamins.

Would appreciate some feedback.
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