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Recurring Fever in teen with no current diagnosis.

My teenage daughter has been suffering from a recurring fever along with other symptoms.  She first had a cough that she believes came about in May. 2012.  She has a headache (behind eyebrow area) with every fever, along with moderate muscle pain in back and legs.  Cough is nonproductive and there is no nasal congestion or drainage.  No sinus pressure, no throat or ear pain present.  Recently had moderate pain with deep inhalation and cough that lasted for 2 days.  I admin. Tylenol or Ibuprofen only when she asks (headache or pain) and when fever is on a rising trend over 101F.  We took a family vacation in late Feb-early March in which we visited Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.    
Below is our journal thus far:
7-7-12 we visited an urgent care and were treated for cough and given a breathing treatment.  She has never had any symptoms of asthma, but now has documented wheezes and crackles on occasion.
7-21-12 we documented a fever, next day temp was normal.  
8-10-12 fever documented.  
8-11-12 visited clinic for fever, cough.  Treated for sinus infection with Clarithromycin for 10 days (Penicillin allergy).
Fever continued 8-12, 8-13, 8-14, 8-15, 8-16, 8-17. Fever range 101-102.4 F orally.
8-17-12 visit to pediatrician for CBC, malaria, TB tests.  All tests were negative, but was EBV positive for previous infection.  Sed rate elevated, inflammation present.  
No fever on 8-19-12.
8-20-12 Fever of 101.6 F orally.  
8-21-12 Fever of 101.4 to 102 F oral.  Headache and stomach ache.
8-22-12 Fever 101.4 F oral.  Stomach ache.
8-23-12 Fever all day ranging 100.4-102 F oral.  Visited local Children's Hospital's Urgent clinic.  X-ray clear.  Treated for Acute sinusitis.  Prescribed Omnicef 300 mg for 7 days.  Sed rate still elevated.  Inflammation down.  
Moderate stool retention was detected on abdominal x-ray.  She tried a 3 day Miralax cleanse.
8-24-12 Fever all day (101-102.7 F) oral
8-25-12 Fever all day, same as previous day.
8-26-12 Fever all day.  102.6 @ 6pm.
8-27-12 No Fever detected.  She rested all day.
8-28-12 She attended school, but felt awful all day.  8:00 pm 102F oral temp.
8-29-12 Visit to local Children's Hospital ER.  Chest X-ray clear.  Fever 101.4 @ 11am.  She was treated for "mono" and sent home.  8:00pm 102F oral temp.
8-30-12 She rested at home all day.  Fever all day (range 99.4-102.5 F) oral.
8-31-12 No Fever detected.  Highest temp of 99.2 taken at 3:30pm.
9-1-12 No Fever detected.
9-2-12-No Fever detected.
9-3-12 Fever 102.2 F @ 11:30 am.  Fever reached 103.7 in evening and piggy-backed Tylenol/Ibuprofen.  Lowered to 103.
9-4-12 Fever of 99.7-101.7 F oral.  
9-5-12 Fever of 100.3-100.9 F.  
9-6-12 highest temp detected 100.1 F.  Bad headache.  visit to PCP and given referral to Infectious Disease at local children's hospital.
9-7-12 No fever, but headache present.
Visit to Infectious Disease on 9-12-12.  We were convinced she was finally over this and were instructed to call if any symptoms recur.  
9-8-12 through 9-14-12 No fever detected.
9-15-12 Fever rapid onset in the evening reaching 102.4 F oral.  Pain in chest with deep inhalation/cough.  Moderate back pain, moderate muscle pain.  
9-16-12 Fever ranging 101.6-102.1 F oral.  Rested all day.  Called Infectious Disease and left a message with new symptoms.
9-17-12 Temp of 100 F in am.  Visit to PCP for labs ordered by Infectious Disease.  
9-18-12 No Fever detected.  Some results back: Sed rate high, Inflammation is elevated again, and liver enzymes elevated(this test was not previously done).
We are awaiting more results.  I am welcome to any directions and would like to know if your experience can point us to a possible diagnosis.  
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