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19 MRIs and counting


I am a neuor patient with 19 MRIs and my neuorologist wants me to continue with yearly MRIs.  I am frustrated as one may wonder.  What does it take to get an answer of what is wrong with me.  My story with MRI diagnostics begins in the military.  I was running when suddenly I spun around and fell to the ground.  The run was routine.  The regular 3 mile runs for fitness.  
Then, there was the complete numbness and paralysis of my right arm and hand.  Then I had another spinning sensation in my military quarters. So, it was recommended I go to have an MRI done.  That was 2004.  The results were not good so I was sent to Walter Reeds Hospital's Neuology Clinic.  
There the specialist narrowed my condition down to two things.  One it was a demyelinating disease or two migrainous.  The Audiology specialist confirmed nystamus.  And, stated condition was a neurology nature.
Then, I was honorably discharged and sent home.  I was instructed to followup with the VA hospital's Neurology Clinic.  That was 2005.  Now, it is 2012 and I am still having MRIs.
The results are the same enhancement and then not enhancing.  Then lesions are enhancing again.  T/2 flares, and inflammation.  
Help me understand what is going on in the minds of my neurologists.
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