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Bilateral leg pain after lumbar puncture 2 and a half months ago

Hello i was a normal healthy 24 year old male who had a lumbar puncture done for dizziness. Ever since my lumbar puncture i have 24/7 leg pains, electrical zaps, muscle twitching, weakness/fatigue and crawling sensations. I've had 2 MRI's and both came out negative. MRI reading is: There is no evidence of paraspinal infections with no significant abnormal contrast enhancement demonstrated. No convincing evidence of dural enhancement or paraspinal hypotension. Could i have some serious complication here? If anyone wants to take a look at both MRI's then ill be more then glad for someone to take a look.
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Hi, have you considered that the lumbar puncture might have caused all of these new symptoms? Did the new symptoms begin shortly after the procedure was done? Can you get the spinal fluid sample report and see if there was blood in it?
yeah I think it is from my lumbar puncture. there was blood in mine I don't know how much. ahh this pain is frustrating
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Lumbar puncture is a relatively safe procedure, but minor and major complications can occur even when standard infection control measures and good technique are used. For more information, please refer to section on complications in this article on UpToDate (which is a legitimate evidence-based resource that many physicians use): https://www.uptodate.com/contents/lumbar-puncture-technique-indications-contraindications-and-complications-in-adults
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