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Can anyone help me decipher my doctor's diagnosis?

Hi, can anyone help me decipher my doctor's diagnosis? He's away and i'm unable to ask him.

I saw him for lower back pain and did an x-ray and MRI.

Can anyone write out for me what the 3 lines in the below image say? Thanks in advance!

image link: https://ibb.co/dTxhb7
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That's a tough one. All I can make out is Left and Right... then MRI? If the printed text on the rest of the paper were shown, maybe that would give context. Then there's "presenting with"?   LBP on the bottom, for the pain.

Maybe with her experience as an ER nurse, @uomeasmile  can make more sense of it?

(the link goes to an image hosting site, so it seems safe to click that)


I know that this question is not recent, but maybe the reply might help somebody else who happens upon this post.
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You should contact your doctor for clarification. I think one of the lines toward the bottom says disc bulges. Your spine is composed of several vertebral bodies, with intervening intervertebral discs. Sometimes these discs can herniate or bulge outward, impinging upon adjacent nerves and causing pain. For more information, please see: https://www.columbiaspine.org/condition/herniated-disc/
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