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Fine Needle Aspiration

Now I have a scheduled FNA for a neck mass. However, one thing I am worried about is my metal allergies. I am allergic to nickel,gold and cobalt. What are the needles used in the FNA shots made out of? Are they stainless steel similar to those used in shots? Please help!
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Afaik FNA is done with stainless steel needles. However,  stainless steel can contain small amounts of nickel.
Therefore to be safe:
Always let doctors or anyone who is treating you for any medical emergency know that you have a nickel allergy, so they can act accordingly
Appreciate the reply. I don't have reactions when getting my blood drawn or anything from the shot needles they use then except for bruises, but the exposure to that is much less than the FNA procedure itself which I heard would be around 10 minutes + so I am curious if that is a long enough exposure to cause a reaction. When diagnosing my nickel allergy I had it done via a patch test which was left on my back for 48 hours but that is much longer. Anyways I will have to let the technician know about my allergies to see how they'll decide to proceed with it.
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