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Had ct scan done for and pelvis for pain

Can someone help me understand certain parts of it I kno most of it sounds good its just 2or 3 things I would like to understand....results,, Had my ct scan done this is results.. Ct scan of abd & pelvis w/ intravenous no ionic contrast n oral contrast.. Left n right lobes of liver,spleen,pancreas, distal common bile duct, aorta n inferior vena cava are normal. No dilatation of the intrahepatic biliary tree noted, both adrenals n kidneys are well seen, no hydro nephrotic or hydroureter noted. The urinary bladder, ureterovesical junction are normal . The aorta and inferior vena cava are normal. A few mm sized para-aortic n mesenteric lymph nodes are thought to be inflammatory in nature. A tiny umbilical hernia with the presence of omental fat noted.  The uterus is bulky in contour. The presence of cyst in the right ovary measuring 3.3*2.8cm in size noted. No left ad exam mass seen. The rectum n sigmoid colon are unremarkable. The remaining colon is not opacified and is grossly unremarkable. The small bowel showed no obstructive pattern. Bone windows are normal. Both lungs are normal....                                                     So what is a few mm sized para-aortic and meds enteric lymph nodes thought to be inflammatory in nature. Means                    
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