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Mild prominence of both renal collecting systems on CT scan

What does "Mild prominence of both renal collecting systems" mean and what is the treatment? It was find on my CT scan. All else was good.  It exactly said "Mild prominence of both renal collecting systems noted, a finding of uncertain significance."  
       Kidney levels would fine on annually blood work last week.  I have been having an ache on my lower left side that comes and goes and to be on the safe side, my GP sent me to GI and while she did not think that it is anything besides maybe the start of diverticulitis, she sent me for a CT scan to be on safe side.  I really think it is because I had my gallbladder taken out two years ago as I never had any aches or light pain before that.  Thank you so much!
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Prominent in this case probably means slightly more dilated/larger that expected. As the radiology report said, it is of uncertain clinical significance. As a general rule of thumb, things that are symmetric are usually less concerning. Diagnostic considerations include but are not limited to normal variation versus reflux/increased pressure from a distended bladder. In radiology and medicine in general, when one does not know what something is, a reasonable course of action would be to follow it to make sure it is stable (i.e., unchanged). In all likelihood, I would not lose sleep over this. On future surveillance studies, consider CT urogram, which is a CT tailored to evaluate the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.
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