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Muscle tensing/twitching during knee MRI

So I recently had an MRI done of my knee. During the exam at certain frequencies my leg would tense up or twitch uncontrollably. The tech told me after the first two scans o was moving and put a little wedge between my knee and a sandbag on my leg. This helped a little but the tensing and twitching continued. I had a copy made immediately and it isn't very clear and is pretty blurry. I'm thinking I'll need to repeat the scan with medication of some sort, but will I have to pay for another one? Also has anyone heard of what I experienced? It seemed to be directly related to when the frequency switched something would happen and I had no control of keeping my leg still. I'm frustrated with myself and I just want some input from others who may have heard of or experienced something similar. Any ideas to help me the next scan? Thank you for those who took the time to read this post and I truly appreciate any input from anyone. Thank you guys!
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I had this happen to me today> I've had several MRI's and have NEVER felt these sensations before.  There was switching, tingling and pain. The hairs on my legs stood up. There was a pulling sensation as well as a giggling to my whole body.
I asked the technician if the machine was broke. Of course the answer was no.

I hope you see this...your post is so old.
Hi, Allurah49. This sounds like "magnetic nerve stimulation", which can happen when a very powerful magnetic field is switched back and forth very quickly, and it fire nerves. Some people are more susceptible. MRI magnets are also getting more and more powerful.

Please look here for another similar sounding recent case:
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