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NECK CT SCAN side effects?

Male 44, no known major health issue, a week ago I had a neck ct scan without contrast, for a possible foreign object in the neck, triggered by sensation that something is in the throat and a scratchy throat both after eating smoked mackerel fish.

Nothing was found except two small calcified tonsil stones.

I feel like following side effects happen after the scan:

- during the scan I felt a tickling sensation in the eyelids
- after the scan I felt dizzy and confused for several hours
- had a big headache that same day (usually I do not get headaches)
- the skin around eyes felt burning for several days, eventually seems to subside
- inability to sleep. for multiple days after the scan I tried various methods to sleep without success: ibuprofen, magnesium calm formula, melatonin, teas, no screens, etc...
- feel like various skin burning at night, hands, neck, etc

Anyone knows if these are sign of radiation issue?
See below the amount of radiation:

TECHNIQUE: Axial 3 mm noncontrast CT images of the neck were obtained, with
multiplanar reconstructions.
CTDI= 16.7 mGy
DLP= 499 mGy-cm

ANyone knows how to interpret the amount of radiation received and if related to my symptoms?
More importantly is there anything I can do to address these issues, especially the sleep issue?

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