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Radiation Limits

I'm an engineer by trade, and hold a company radiation certification for certain systems I work with.  I am not designated as a radiation worker.

I was referred for a calcium heart scan a few weeks ago.  With the possibility of needing additional CT diagnostics in the future and that cumulative dosage may be an issue, I asked the operator for a dosage reading when the scan was complete.  

The system apparently had issues establishing a power baseline during the "scout" (did I get that correctly?) scan, so I got blasted pretty hard mid-chest.  The overall dose was 183 mGy!

This was a serious exposure for even CT scans.  To put it into perspective, that's 18 Rads of X-ray energy mid-chest.  Two of the highest exposures by workers at Fukashima only received 140 mGy.  

My question is what reporting options do I have for this high of an exposure?  Who do I speak to about it?  The cardiologist did not seem to understand (or cared to address my question with little interest).  The radiology supervisor I spoke with didn't really understand my question (almost like he didn't even know what I was talking about - which is kind of more distubing).  I predict that the hospital quickly will go into protection mode when they realize the snafu.

This exposure was well above a "normal" heart scan, equivelant to 1800 chest X-rays.  What do I do?
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