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Second opinion bone scan

Hello there everyone. I'm getting a second opinion for my bone scan and SPECT-CT scan. Gave them the report from the radiology/nuclear medicine department where the test had been done. They have now sent me an email asking for the report for the SPECT-CT scan saying that the report I gave them was only for the bone scan. I have asked the department before about this because the report says study description: 'bone scan' and not 'bone scan with SPECT/CT', but they told me that they were certain that the report had to be about both exams as they couldn't have done such a big error. What should I do? Call the department again or tell the one that received the report that I have been told that the report is about both exams? Also, they asked me for a copy of referral for the exam. Unfortunately I feel that the doctor misunderstood me slightly as to what my symptoms are. I have been thinking about writing a line about that in the email and/or adding a photo which shows my erythema ab igne in the area where I have the most pain. Should I do that or does it give a bad impression? I feel like it might seem strange that I say that the pain is somewhere else than the doctor has written (T6-T9 instead of T5), but really the doctor wasn't very thourough with taking my history and it's not like they count your vertebraes when you try to show where the pain is located. My pain is also in an area which is hard to reach. He didn't include that I have had episodes of low back pain and pain behind my breastbone. I'm going to try to bring a drawing of my pain and a written history of my symptoms to the next doctor visit. I have already sent the clinic doing the second opinion a brief description of my symptoms by mail along with the CD, but I failed to include a drawing or precise location of the worse (constant) pain. I just wrote 'in the middle back'.
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