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Abdominal CT - pancreatic cancer signs?

My father has just had an abdominal CT done that showed a neoplasm with a diameter of about 3.5 cm (1.4 in) in the tail of the pancreas.  The CT interpretation calls for further investigation and describes the mass as having undefined borders and the fat tissue around it as having elevated density (not sure about the terminology, this is my poor attempt to translate from German, since the test was done in Austria).  He is 65, has no other relevant symptoms as far as we can tell, but we are all very scared it might be cancer.  Can you please tell me how likely that is.  Thank you.
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Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult because the symptoms are non-specific and varied. Smoking and old age are definite risk factors.
What is seen in your case probably is a mass in the pancreatic tail which is measuring 3.5cm as per your report. Also noted is increased density in the surrounding fat which is suggesting surrounding spread. Radiologically, undefined borders also indicate surrounding spread.
Now radiologiclly speaking differential can be neoplasm (cancer)/ doubtful focal pancreatitis. Other finding helpful in differentition may be age, serum amylase(may be raised in pancreatitis), CT guided biopsy.  These findings are suspicious for cancer and further investigation is advised for confirmation.
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