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Biopsy Timing

I just had a second mammogram and an ultrasound.  The radiologist wants me to go for a biopsy - said the calcifications are probably benign but worst case is DCIS.  My dilemna - I leave on Dec 18 to fly overseas for 6 weeks.  My biopsy is Dec 10.  If my biopsy is positive for DCIS is it ok that I'm gone til end of January and then will have to get the surgical ball rolling beginning of Feb?  My radiologist said the situation wasn't really time sensitive but he was the one that wanted me to have the biopsy before I go (perhaps just to calm my fears so I could have a peaceful trip if benign).  I really don't know what to do now.  If results come back positive for DCIS I won't have time before I go to meet with a surgeon so he could get the ball rolling while I'm away.  Is there any possibility that the biopsy procedure itself, if results are positive, could cause my situation to deteriorate while I'm away?  Is 7 weeks way too long to wait between biopsy and seeing a surgeon?  Thanks!
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