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Chest X-Ray - Pregnancy Risk?

I found out that I was 8 week pregnant on 4/23.  Mixed reaction. Prior to travel, I had immunization shots (Hep A, Hep B (1 booster only), Typhoid, Polio) - around 2/19.  Traveled to Asia on 3/2.  In the first few weeks of March, got the cold.  Took 1-2 pills of Tylenol (Cold & Allergy) & Nyquil.  Took 1/2 pill of Ambien one night.   Was drinking 1-2 small glasses of beer or wine daily for about 2 weeks in early March.  

Had a chest X-ray on 3/11 (immigration purpose). Am worried about my first pregnancy and would appreciate medical information on any risks to the fetal development.  Am considering options in a foreign land.  Thank you.
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A single chest x ray is very low radiation - equivalent to just 3 days background radiation and therefore I can reassure you that this is unlikely to have any consequences.

The rest of your questions would be more appropriate for a different forum or discussions with your obstetrician.
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