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Explain findings

.  Promient posterior spurring at the tibio-talar articulation similar to that seen on previous study.  The degree of osteoarthritic changes at the tibio-talar joint is about the same.  Significant degree of soft tissue edema abouu the ankle joint is not appreciated.(what is not appreciated). Small amount of fluid in the ankle joint not particuarly posteriorly.Definite osteochondral lesion is not appreciated at the ankle joint. Mild spurring posteriorly again noted at the subtalar joint.  Fluid is again noted in the posterior tibial tendon sheath as well as a small amount of fluid in the flexor hallucia longus tendon sheath.  There is some mild thickening of the posterior tibial tendon with the appearance compatible with posterior tibial teninopathy/tenosynovitis similar to that seen on previous studyiculation..  a small osseous density along the anterior aspect of the medial malleoulus is again noted unchanged from previous examination.
No interval change in the apprearce of the right ankle from previous mir july 2007/  Moderate osteoarthritic changes at the tibio-talar articulation. nosignificant soft tissue edema about the ankle joint. A zone of signal change is the anterior aspect of the medial cuneiform is unchanged form the previous examination.  This may represent persistent zone of marrow edema or a stable osseous lesion.  Give that there is osteoarthritic change at the first tarsal metatarsal joint this may be related to oesteoarthrosis related subchondral cyst formation.suarticular edema.  Posterior tibial tenosynovitis is again noted as on the medial alleoulus unchanged fromthe previous examinaiton. This may represent an accessory ossicle or old fracture fragment.  A dedinite intra-articular loose body is not appreciated(?not appreciated)
I realize this is a lengthy report.. a simplified explaination would be greatful
thank you

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