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Swollen Lymph nodes on Mammogram of 36 yr old - despite being on Imuran

I am 36. I had my first Mammogram Monday after finding a lump and telling my dr. They shot several different views of the breast and focussed in on the lump a couple of more times.

Apparently the lump i felt was really 2 swollen lymph nodes within my left breast (medial). The radiologist said I had to come back in 3 months to have another ultrasound to see if there was any change in the size, and things would go from there.

Here is where I am a lil confused. 1st - I had only heard of lymph node involvement used to determine the stage of the cancer. 2nd, I had no idea I had lymph nodes within the breast tissue (other than under the arm!). Thirdly, and most importantly to me, I am on Imuran for Crohn's Disease. I thougth Imuran would stop the body from having any immune reaction to anything in my body. So I thought that meant in addition to not getting fevers, and colds that last two months long, i thought that I could not have any swollen nodes/glands.

** The radiologist told me that often before a cancer appears there may be lymph nodes swelling in preparation. **

Because the lump I felt was actually a swollen lymph node, does that increase my odds of it being cancer?

I realize in retrospect how much I owe my breasts - for my daughter's nutrition when she was young (she is 10 and i still lactate a lil bit) and also owe them for very un-feminist reasons, such as getting service 1st when waiting at the Future Shop.

And while I may have thought about how nice a breast lift would be, I now would much rather keep my sagging Es  than have surgery - even sumthin to lift.

I left the Breast Screening place without making the next appt - I was spooked

Thanks for reading my question. I am having trouble focussing on other things while my mind wrestles with the Imuran/immune response query, I appreciate your time and feedback.

I want to keep my Curvy Gurlness - all natural, the way I was sculpted :D
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