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marrow reconversion

       i m suffering by pain in my right shoulder for 3 month,i had MRI,having findings.
      The marrow signal is slightly hyperintence to normal muscle on the T1 weighted images the pateran &signal intensity sugest moderate marrow reconversion
      their is no evidence of labral tear
      their is no evidence of rotater cuff tear
      their is no fluid in the sub acromial &sub deltoid bursa
      their is moderate AC joint osteioarthritis .

  i m worried about" marrow reconversion" so is it serious finding?or which type of further investigation i have to do
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Normal bone marrow has yellow marrow and red marrow. Yellow marrow is more of fat and red marrow is more of haematopoitic tissue. in infants marrow is predominantly hematopoietic with the exception of epiphyses & apophyses, which are predominantly fatty throughout life. with skeletal growth, red marrow is gradually replaced by fat. red marrow persists longer in the vertebrae, pelvic bones, sternum, & proximal ends of the long tubular bones, during normal marrow conversion, residual islands of red marrow may subsist in the yellow marrow, as may fatty foci in red marrow.islands of red marrow residue may be a normal variant especially in obese women, cigarette smokers, marathon runners.  It may be pathological some times in cases of hemolytic processes / anemia/hypoxia.
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