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CT Abdomen.. tiny spleen cyst? .ld

HISTORY: Abdominal pain following hysterectomy performed in 10/2012.
Previous cholecystectomy and appendectomy.
COMPARISON: CT abdomen and pelvis 10/1/2012.
TECHNIQUE: Axial images from the lung bases to the symphysis are
performed with additional coronal reformatted images. 100 mL of
Isovue 370 are given intravenously. Oral contrast is also given.

FINDINGS: The lung bases are clear.
Abdomen: There is diffuse fatty infiltration of liver. Prior
cholecystectomy changes are noted. A probable tiny cyst is noted in
the lateral mid spleen measuring only 2 or 3 mm in size on image 27.
This appears stable and is of doubtful clinical significance. The
remaining upper abdominal organs are within normal limits. No
enlarged lymph nodes. The bowel is normal in caliber without
obstruction. No evidence of diverticulitis. The appendix is not
visualized. The anterior abdominal wall is unremarkable. No hematoma
or fluid collection.

Pelvis: The bladder is decompressed. The vaginal cuff and rectum are
unremarkable. No evidence of pelvic hematoma or fluid collection to
indicate an abscess. Adnexal regions are within normal limits. There
are no enlarged lymph nodes. No free pelvic fluid. Bone window
examination is unremarkable.

1. No acute changes in the abdomen and pelvis following hysterectomy.
No evidence of hematoma or abscess in the surgical bed. No evidence
of fluid collection or hematoma along the anterior abdominal wall.
2. Fatty infiltration of the liver with changes of previous
3. Probable tiny cyst lateral aspect of the spleen, unchanged and of
doubtful clinical significance.

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That is a common benign sounding lesion. Don't worry about it.
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^^^ My question is... I  am three months post op hysterectomy. My gynecologist was very happy with this report as there is no post op complications. He never even mentioned the tiny spleen cyst. Is that significant? What can cause that and am I right to just ignore this finding?

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