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Cancer Risk from numerous CT scans

50 yr old female.  When I was 32 had head/neck ct scan, 33 chest ct, abdominal ct, pelvic ct.  2008 head ct w contrast and chest xray, 2012 head and face ct.  At some point during all this had a barium study of the small intestines and a barium study of the colon.  

I try to avoid xrays now, but many of these were unavoidable.

I wish I had asked for alternative testing back during the earlier days.  These were not emergencies so I would have thought an mri would have been better.  2008 and 2012 were emergency situations so I understand those.

Thank you for any insight.

PS  Just had a chest xray because I was discharged from ER in 2008 and told all was fine.  Recently requested my mri results for a different problem to compare and they sent the results from my chest xray as well.  That showed nodular density, prob a nipple but suggested follow up.  Noted Hypoaeration.  Had the followup today (five years later) and the tech commented on my long lungs.  I think she had to take two pics to get all my lungs in (from the backi).  I'm 5'7" 110 lbs.  Is this something bad???
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