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Chest CT questions

My grandfather and aunt both died from small cell carcinoma of the lung. I am a former smoker (quit 17 years ago) and am a nurse who has been around radiation in the OR for approx 18 years. I had a chest xray done about a week ago and it showed a strange formation that my doctor couldn't figure out.  I had a chest CT done two days ago which reported the following:

2 subcentimeter nodular densities are seen within the right upper lobe on images 28 and 26 of the lung reformats. Subcentimeter nodular densities are also seen along the bilateral major fissures. The lungs are without focal consolidation or effusion. No endobronchial lesions are seen.

1. No acute intrathoracic abnormality. No right chest mass visualized.
2. Two subcentimeter right upper lobe nodular densities. Minimal nodularity along the bilateral major fissures.
Clinically correlate and consider followup in 6 months to document stability.

I can't get anyone to tell me the actual size of these nodules and if they are calcifications or not. Should I be worried?
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Don't worry, just follow up with your doctor. You might get another few CTs over the years to make sure the nodules are stable if your doctor thinks it's appropriate
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