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Chest x-ray

I received the following report for my chest x-ray. I would like to know what this means. I am a lupus patient for the past 9 years.

The trachea and mediastinum are central
Cardiothoratic ratio is the upper limit of normal
Small left pleural effusion is noted. No right sided pleural effusion. No hilar or mediastinal lymhadenopathy
Mild bilateral lower zone bronchial wall thickening
NO focal lung mass lesions or dense lobar consolidation or cavitation
Bony skeleton appears intact.

A follow up study in 2-3 month’s time is suggested in order to reassess. If persistent, consider needle aspiration.
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With regards to the finding of a "small left pleural effusion" - this means there is a small amount of fluid in the space between your lung and the ribs.  It is not uncommon to have this in setting of lupus.  

I suggest you follow the recommendation they list for a repeat chest x-ray in "2-3 month's" time to see if it goes away.  If the fluid is still there, they mentioned "consider needle aspiration" which means they may take a sample of it to send for further testing.

Hope this helps.  Best regards,
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