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Gadolinium Questions

I'm at a loss and so is my doctor. I had a injection of 1cc of Gadolinium and omnipaque in my shoulder on October 28, 2011. A MRI followed to determine if there was shoulder damage from an injury. Within 24 hours I had pain all over my body. Muscles numbness and aching. I ran a temperature. I thought I had some sort of bug. After 72 hours the pain settled mostly in my back, ribs, hips. I had no idea what had been given to me until October 31, 2011, when I call the MRI center and asked and then I Googled the Gadolinium. I then had my doctor run a blood test to make sure my kidneys were ok. Which at that point they were and we are going to do another test next week. I have been on a round of steroids. I am still in constant pain.

Here is the question. It is obvious to me that something is going on here. Is there someone out there doing work to help people clear the Gadolinium from their bodies?
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